Canberra Clinical Genomics Awarded NATA Accreditation

Genomic testing for rare diseases is now available as a routine and publicly funded diagnostic service at Canberra Clinical Genomics (CCG).

Genomics is cutting-edge medicine. Patients who are battling rare or life-threatening diseases can have their genetic make-up analysed in order for personally tailored treatment and medication plans to be developed to manage and treat their conditions.

Clinical Genomics comes to Canberra

SIMON Corbell says the ACT is set to move to the forefront of health care delivery by investing $7.3m in new diagnosis and patient care technology that will allow new and existing drug therapies to be tailored to individual patients based on their genetics and condition. Canberra Clinical Genomics will be a partnership between ANU and ACT Health and will work to cure patients with complex diseases by sequencing their genome and finding treatments that are personalised to their condition.