a few words about us

Canberra Clinical Genomics (CCG) is a diagnostic genomic service in Australia's capital territory. We improve diagnosis of patients by providing clinicians with access to state-of-the-art whole exome sequencing (WES). Our multidisciplinary team aims to provide clinicians with information about genomic variation and help find answers to complex genetic health conditions.

CCG aims to make a real difference to patient lives. The Director of Canberra Clinical Genomics, Professor Matthew Cook, said "The clinical centre will build on the research and discovery pipeline established by the Centre for Personal Immunology. It will provide a pathway for true translation of discoveries to make a meaningful difference to the management of patients."

CCG is a partnership between ANU and ACT Health, working together to sure patients with complex diseases by sequencing their genome and finding treatments that are personalised to their condition. Whole Exome Sequencing is performed at ANU and funded for patients by ACT Health. The routine work of the laboratory encompasses the molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders via whole exome sequencing using next generation sequencing technologies.